Friday, April 4, 2008

A little robin told me…

I was thrilled to come home the other day to find a robin hopping around on a brown, hard, frozen patch of exposed grass. We still have quite a bit of snow but it has all melted away on this one patch at the side of the house and that’s where the robin was. She was a healthy, chubby little thing and she hopped around purposefully as if she really expected to find some worms. I ran inside to get my camera – eager to capture this early sign of spring so that I could share it with you.

She wasn’t too happy to have me chasing around after her with my camera, but she stuck around and continued to forage the frozen ground. Unfortunately in my excitement I had forgotten to put the zoom lens on the camera so this was the best shot I could get without scaring her away.

You know what this means – right? Spring has got to be just around the corner or the robins wouldn’t be back yet. We’ve had some lovely, warm days and the snow has been melting like crazy. The river is swollen and raging with the runoff and our neighbour told me she saw a flock of geese migrating back yesterday!

I took a nice long walk a couple of days ago and the air smelled so good. As I walked along the smells of spring made me feel so happy – I even caught myself breaking into a big stupid grin at some points. There was the amazingly homey smell of wood smoke from someone’s chimney, the crisp and strangely metallic smell that you get when snow banks are melting, the rich earthy smell coming off the farmer’s fields as they thawed and the occasional unmistakable whiff of decomposing dog poop.

And as I sat here writing this entry for my blog trying to think of something whitty to say with reference to the dog poop, I looked out my window and…what the ???

Aw krap, is it SNOWING ???

Hey Snow! Get outta here – get lost - vamoose!!! You’re going to chase the robins away :o(

...grumble, grumble....
Kathleen (aka TheNatureNut)

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