Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour – 60 minutes to support the fight against climate change

Tonight at 8pm EST TheNatureNut household will be turning out all the lights and proudly participating in Earth Hour. According to a recent pole 70% of Canadians will be participating in Earth Hour. It gives me goose bumps to know that so many people care. And it gives me hope that not all is lost.

So enjoy your candle-lit dinner, your game of candle-lit scrabble or your quiet hour in the dark, if that’s what you choose to do. We will be enjoying a glass of wine and roasting marshmallows while cuddled in front of the fireplace during this evening’s Earth Hour. We will be raising our glasses in a toast to our beloved planet and to everyone participating in this special event.

May this be the first of many such global events.

Kathleen (aka TheNatureNut)


RainbowMom said...

Perfect! We will also be enjoying Earth Hour. Peace!

Helen said...

Earth hour was a great idea! I participated.

pauseability said...

Earth hour is new to me, though it reminds me of a similar event recently, the name of which escapes me. Thanks too for pausing by my blog. Cheers!